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Dear Customer

First of all, we would like to thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to introduce us, about the gifts of nature given to us as Tra Shan Tuyet Co Thu Cao Ha Giang. The product has won the title "Vietnamese Tea Land Title in 2011".

Over the past years, Thanh Son Co., Ltd with the trademark of Specialties of Shan Tuyet Ancient Clean Mountain Ha Giang has made efforts to constantly research and bring customers the best natural products for health. .


With the motto: "Top quality, thoughtful after-sales, reasonable price"

The process of formation:

The precursor of Thanh Son Co., Ltd is Enterprise 66. Implementing the policy of Ha Giang Provincial People's Committee to mobilize enterprises doing business in basic construction to receive more business of processing and consuming fresh tea and Golden Tea for People are not buying and settling jobs for tea workers because Ha Giang Tea Investment and Development Company went bankrupt in 1998.

Right from the first days, Enterprise 66 set out a policy to implement: Research and production processing tea Clean Shan Tuyet Co Specialty Mountain Ha Giang.

For the first time in the history of Tea Industry in Ha Giang. Tea with Brand Name: "Phin Ho Shan Tra" of the Enterprise 66 was born in 1999.

Phin Ho Shan Tra was present at the festival: The first Vietnamese Tea Culture Week was held in Van Ho Hanoi.Along with that festival, Enterprise 66 also introduced all customers with the brand "Lung Phin". At that time, the product bearing Lung Phin Brand of enterprise 66 reached VND 700,000 / kg and was warmly welcomed by both domestic and international customers. Chapter 66 was extremely honored to welcome the senior leaders of the Party and the Government and many other senior officials came to the stall of the 66 factory to enjoy Tea. The comrades happily praised and encouraged and asked the Enterprise to expand production to have a large output to serve the community. This is clean, high quality tea, which is a clean and nutritious drink.

In order to meet the love of the Party and Government, Enterprise 66 upgraded its organization from factory 66 to the Company to have enough strength to research and serve the specialty tea production.

The company has conducted collecting and surveying ancient tea trees as well as processing technology. Ancient tea plants with a radius of 20cm to 80cm have a lifespan of 200 years to over 700 years of age. Tea trees grow in flat or flat areas, they are intermingled with forest trees and live at elevations above 1300m above sea level, year round cold, moist and cloudy will bring higher quality than Tea trees. grows in steep mountains.

These ancient tea trees lived without any human being. They live because rainwater flows from higher places to bring lichen, minerals, etc. accumulate into the nutrition of tea plants. Ancient tea trees filter the essence of Heaven and Earth, the fragrance of the thousand wind to create precious tea buds with high quality products.

The company is looking forward to receiving the attention of customers near and far. Thank you very much!

Thanh Son Company Limited

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