Explore the west of Ha Giang province

Explore the west of Ha Giang province

Referring to Ha Giang, tourists often think of the Northern Rock highlands with Dong Van Stone Plateau with rugged Cat ears, cultural features, culinary traditions and architecture and scenic places. Other famous ... However, Maison Travel will introduce you to a new land in Ha Giang: The Western highlands and mountains of Ha Giang. With unique scenery, nature and culture, the area of ​​Dong Van Stone Plateau is the same!

The land is known for the unspoiled natural landscape of the Tay Con Linh range, with a height of 2,427m above sea level. The highest mountain range of Ha Giang Province as well as the Northeast, with rich flora and fauna, small waterfalls along the road, dangerous roads, suitable for picnics and tourism activities. risky.

In addition, the western part of Ha Giang is also known for its cultural diversity of ethnic minorities such as: Nung, La Chi, Mong, Dao ... here, the unique cuisine, the fields Enchanting terraces, unique historical monuments that tourists cannot find anywhere else!


The western upland area of ​​Ha Giang includes the districts of Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man and Quang Binh.

Hoang Su Phi district:

Is a district located in the west of Ha Giang Province. If you want to enter Hoang Su district, you go to the crossroads of Tan Quang commune in Bac Quang district and turn to the right to go to Hoang Su Phi district.

- Landscape of Terraced Field: Coming to Hoang Su Phi district, you have a lot of choices to find places to watch terraced fields. But the most beautiful place to watch terraced fields is the following locations: Ban May, Ban Nhung, Ban Peo, Ban Phung, Ta Suoc, Tan Tien, Thang Tin, Then Chu Phin. The ideal time to watch terraced fields is divided into 2 seasons: Watering season (around April - June)

Ripe rice season (around September to October)

- Chieu Lau Thi: Chiêu Lầu Thi peak, 2,402 m high above sea level, belongs to Tây Côn Lĩnh range, is the second highest mountain of Hà Giang. There are 2 ways to conquer Chiêu Lầu Thi: One is a motorbike ride. Or if you are an explorer, you can choose trekking.

- Town of Vinh Quang: As a small town, the rhythm of living here is quiet and quiet, with a town length of about ≥ 1km. Here, you can also enjoy rat meat of La Chi people, try Thang Thang's dish with bold aromas of the western mountains such as: Dua, Thao Qua, and Discharge ... Definitely bring giving you a completely different taste compared to the victorious dish in the northern rocky area of ​​Ha Giang.

Xin Man District:

- Coc Chai Town: A fairly large town, the center of the town is not favored by nature like other towns, but CocPai Town has a poetic natural landscape, near the middle The town center is Thao Nguyen Suoi Thau which is like "Europe of Vietnam"

- Nan Ma Historical Site: located more than 8 km west of the center of Co Pau town, located on a peak above 1,500m, is Nan Ma historical site. Relics recorded the victory and the sacrifice of 11 soldiers Van Cong of Tuyen Van team of the 148th Regiment were born in the Tay Tien campaign, Tieu Phew in 1952. Also along this line, you can go to Bac Ha district of Lao Cai province.


- Bai Da Co Mushroom: This is the place where there are large blocks of stone engraved on the stream of Suoi Mushroom line, also known as Nam Khoang and Xa Gan Dan in Xin Man district.

- Fairy waterfall: To get to Thac Tien - one of the most scenic spots in Xin Man district, Ha Giang, visitors must pass about 17 km from CocPai town center. The waterfall is located in the middle of primitive forest Deo Gio, belonging to the commune of Mushroom, which is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Xin Man district that you cannot miss.

- Deo Gio: Wind pass is in the area of ​​primary forest. It has rich flora and fauna and biodiversity, species composition as well as the number of individuals with great value in the research and study of biology and geology. , Meteorology. What is special when crossing this pass often catches the wind quite large and cool so the locals call it Deo Gio.

Quang Binh District:

Quang Binh district of Ha Giang province is a district located in the southwest of Ha Giang province, where it still retains the unique traditional cultural traditions of ethnic groups such as Tay, Dao and Pa Tag ... and many traditional cultural activities such as the Dao Dich's ceremony, the Pa Da Fire dance festival and the Tay festival of Tay ethnic groups ... have made the attraction for tourists. domestically and internationally.

Coming to Quang Binh, the most attractive attraction for tourists is the Fire Dance Festival and the Drag and Feast of Pa card ethnic group, in My Bac hamlet, Tan Bac commune, festivals with spiritual and mysterious nuances. . Fire Dance Festival usually takes place on the 16th day of the tenth lunar month every year to January 15 of the lunar year, this is the time of leisure.

In addition, to Quang Binh district of Ha Giang province, visitors can not ignore the river Chieng in green, floating.

Visitors can take a boat to see the river, thinly two sides of the river are tall terraced fields, small stilt houses of the Tay people here promise tourists an unforgettable experience!

We wish you a happy journey in Ha Giang with Maison Travel. Willing to serve!



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